Paint It Black

Here is the strip I have most recently completed in my crazy quest to publish a webcomic:


Great googly moogly!  the  hardships I went through to get this done. And most of the hardships were brought on by trying to do things more efficiently.

First of all, I decided that since the strip is mostly colored black, I would paint it on black paper, therefore saving myself the inconvenience of painting all that black space around the character and stuff. This turned out to be more hassle than it was worth, because I spent a lot of time being so very careful as I painted inside the character and  stuff. To paint inside a tiny character you must use a tiny brush which does not cover much area at all, and so takes lotsa time. Plus, the paint I use is not as opaque as I would like, and it took multiple coats to keep the black of the paper from showing through. Ugh. 

I then pasted the black panels onto a white board, so that it had a white border and all. Cutting and pasting is fun, like kindergarten, but costs time. Valuable time. I am trying to get a week’s worth of work done in a week, after all. And failing miserably!

Lastly, I decided to make a change in the art. Lookie here at my rough draft:


See the swooshy lines that show the path the ball took when the robot threw it? Once I painted them that way, I didn’t like it. I decided a dotted line approach would be cleaner and fit the graphic style of the strip much better. So before painting new dotty type lines, I painted over the old lines with black paint on the black paper. But the paint and the paper are not the same color black, if you can believe it, so I had to fix this with photoshop once it was scanned. More extra work. (The dotted lines rock. I love them.)


Next time I make a strip with a lot of black, I will just take out my black paint and a brush, and paint it black.

3 Responses to “Paint It Black”

  1. May 13, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    And then he lost his ball and he was sad…

  2. 2 danineteen
    May 14, 2009 at 4:23 am

    Hehe, I can’t wait till you start posting your comic though. I believe it’ll be worth all that hassle! 😀

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