Been A Long Time

I have not posted to this blog in ten thousand years!

When I started to work on Space Base 8, my webcomic, I also started this process blog to document my trials and tribulations as I developed my comic strip. Gosh and gollies! I soon became so overwhelmed by the work of actually producing the strip, I couldn’t make time to blog about producing the strip!

It has been about six months since the last post, and boy, oh boy do I have stories to tell. So many discoveries and failures and changes and… and… aaaaannnnddd…

For example, I can tell ya about how I started out doing the comic five days a week, and switched to three… About painting the first one hundred or so comics with real paint and then switching to ink and computer coloring… About learning to use WordPress and how updating it caused headaches…

And I will start telling you abut them right away.

I mean in just a little bit.

I mean, um…

Soon. Promise!


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