Hi, I’m David Scott Smith. Come on in and look over my shoulder as I create my hilarious webcomic, Space Base 8. In this blog you can see me go through the creative process as I develop ideas, draw cartoons, make mistakes, and learn how to make a comic strip and post it on the internet.

When I am not drawing comics about robots and monkeys, I work for Disneyland as an illustrator and do freelance illustration when the jobs find me. Please visit my illustration site, dssillustration.com.

“Monkey Always Wins”  refers to the fact that if it comes down to a choice between a monkey and most anything else, you oughta put your money on the monkey.

1 Response to “About this blog”

  1. December 10, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    What happened to your internet cartoon project? It looks like it stopped months ago? Don’t forget that the monkey needs to win right? He can’t win if you aren’t drawing him.

    please pop by foolsfitness.blogspot.com and reply or my e-mail in the form… I was really looking forward to see the process you took, or if you’ve abandoned it maybe you’d pass that web book on to a vagabond artist in need such as I? I need to unleash a monk and a wayward alien into the information superhighway in hopes of getting enough money to pay my rent and feed my cat.

    Be well! – Alan

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