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Don’t Quit My Day Job

I have a real job in the real world, believe it or not.

Okay, I guess Disneyland is not really the real world. Let me start over.

I have a real job in the Magic Kingdom, believe it or not.

No, still not right. Once more…

I have a phoney baloney job at Disneyland, believe it or not.

Nope, that is totally believable to anyone who knows me. Can’t say “believe it or not”. Let’s try again.

I go to Disneyland a lot and I draw and color things.

Yeah. That’s more like it.

Go here! Look at the bottom of the page. click on the pictures to see some stuff I made for Disneyland.

Then go here! Read my official Disneyland biography.

Thanks for following directions so well. You will go far in life, I can tell.


Space Base 8 Is UP!!!

That’s right, I could not wait any longer. Now that I have two months worth of strips done, I have started posting. I was gonna wait another week until I got the site looking better, but I wanted to do a test upload of my comic art, and one thing led to another, and I posted some comics. Soooo…

Go to Read the comics. Ignore the infant-stage website design. Enjoy the comics!.

As I write this in the wee hours of June 2, there are two strips posted. June 1, 2009 is the official first posting date of my comic, Space Base 8. June started on a Monday, so I thought it would be a nice, clean starting point for my weekdaily strip to start on the first of the month, on a Monday.

Wow, I did it. I started posting my comic. I have been wanting to do this for years. Whew!




Oh no! too many ideas! what will I ever do? I am constantly distracted from paying attention to my newest baby webcomic, Space Base 8! I keep getting ideas for other projects…

Like this one! They are a bunch of kids, see, and they are cute, see, and I like Harvey comics like Hot Stuff and Richie Rich, see? So I wanna draw some kids in a a style inspired by Harvey’s style, and they are gonna look like this, see?

spinnerrackpack1 and then there is this one, too…

sassy1…and this little girl seems to be exploring something spooky, a la X-Files or Nancy Drew…

spooky1Oh sure, I spent all of yesterday drawing these kids instead of working on Space Base 8. Oh sure, now I am two days behind schedule. Oh sure, I want to start posting Space Base 8 in about a week or so…

But aren’t these kids cute? Don’t you want to see their adventures? So do I. I can’t wait to create those adventures for them. Someday.

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